What are support tickets for?

What are support tickets for?

What are support tickets for?

You: Badass pilot who expresses themselves through the art of flight

Us: Community focused supplier of gear to keep you enjoying this amazing hobby

Support: Assistance provided by a company to the users of its products.

We pride ourselves in supporting our community, you have found yourself looking for answers and we are here to help.

Creating a support ticket is a great way to reach out to us and say, “Hey I have a problem with this product and I need help.” This hobby is very DIY and we understand that not everything goes to plan.


We approach each support request with an unbiased and non-judgmental approach. Our experts are committed to providing the community with the highest level of knowledge and support possible.   


So you have finally received that package from Rotor Village, you have been watching the little delivery truck online, slowly making its way to your house. You have been dreaming about putting a fresh build together, the package arrives and you open the box of goodness. The following are steps to follow after you receive your goods. 

  1. Drool over (not directly on) those premium products
  2.  Visually inspect all items before assembly, power up anything with an internal battery and test all functions. If anything looks broken or damaged, immediately document the issue and create a support ticket with the information below.  
  3. Assemble your new drone. If you are having any issues with component fitment, connections, or firmware, and you have not found any answers after some deep internet sleuthing and troubleshooting, submitting a support ticket is a great way to reach out.
  4. Maiden your new toy, give it a good shakedown and confirm if everything is performing as it should be. If there are any issues with flight performance or you are unable to get certain features working after you have tried everything please reach out and submit a ticket. 

All manufactures have different warranty procedures and we follow the process outlined by them. Most warranty claims will require clear proof of a manufacturing defect, if the component has been physically damaged or there is no clear defect, replacement/credit will be at our discretion.

What to include in your support ticket? 

So you have done your research and tried everything you could think of to solve the issue without resolve, it’s time to reach out. Here is the information you should include to help our experts be most effective.

  1. Order #
  2. Pictures of the suspect component and how it is connected
  3. A description of the problem and what you have tried to troubleshoot it
  4. Kindness and patience, we will try and get back to you as quickly as we can but sometimes things out of our control get in the way and we aren’t able to respond right away. We haven’t forgot about you and we will get back to you as soon as we can.